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The Tumor Profiler Center Switzerland (TPC) is a consortium of basic scientists and clinicians from ETH Zürich, University of Zurich (UZH), and University Hospital Basel (USB).

The center employs cutting-edge, integrated, multi-omics tumor profiling techniques and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to support clinical decision-making in precision oncology, to guide individualized cancer treatment plans. In addition to supporting clinical practice, TPC is committed to driving exploratory research to advance our understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in cancer development.

By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and expertise from diverse fields, TPC is at the forefront of revolutionizing cancer diagnosis, treatment, and management.

Patients: Diagnosis & Personalized Anti-Cancer Treatment

Patients receive an individual diagnosis and a recommendation for a tailored precision anti-cancer therapy. The ultimate goal is to transform cancer from a fatal disease into a condition that can be managed over the long term.

Multi-Omics Technologies: Big Data for Health

Using state-of-the-art technologies, the TPC collects multi-layered cancer-specific data, including genomic mutations, biochemical alterations, the tumor cellular microenvironment, and cancer cell response to drugs, to model each tumor to stratify patients for the most promising therapy.


Molecular Tumor Board: Treatment Decision Support

The Tumor Profiler Center "Molecular Tumor Board" consisting of cancer research scientists and oncologists is in direct exchange to interpret the data of the tumor analyses towards clinical decisions.


Artificial Intelligence: Towards New Cancer Biomarkers and Druggable Targets

Up-to-the minute data analysis, machine learning methods in omics analytics are being developed to identify cancer drivers and potential drug targets.

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