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The TPC's leading experts at ETH Zürich, UZH and USB work together to develop breakthrough discoveries that improve the understanding of disease and the standard of care for cancer patients, and to develop innovative technologies and diagnostics for the benefit of society.

Our goal is to offer patients:

  1. Access to innovative diagnostics and individual treatment recommendations
  2. Increased probability of effective treatment resulting from molecular tumor board assessment
  3. Best-in-class diagnostic and treatment options beyond the standard of care
  4. New diagnostics combined with clinical trials to improve patient outcomes
  5. Guidance and benchmark for highest moral and security standards in handling patient data (privacy, protection, security)
  6. Continuous health monitoring

For academia we aim for:

  1. Innovative research: cutting-edge biomedical and data science, seamlessly integrated into clinical setting
  2. Continuous access to patient samples & Data sharing (legally considered «in house agreement»)
  3. Excellent scientific reputation
  4. Effective partnerships with hospitals and industry with access to well-selected, relevant patient cohorts
  5. Unique translational environment for talent acquisition and training, talent exchange between institutions
  6. Access to infrastructure for deep, analysis, data storage and CE-certified technologies

Ultimately we strive to offer clinics:

  1. Clinical decision-support with comprehensive tumor reports and treatment suggestions suitable for use in Tumor Boards
  2. Data sharing for the clinical routine
  3. More personalised clinical trial design and off-label treatment
  4. Access to insights about personalised treatments
  5. Recognition as leading-edge translational clinic
  6. Best-in-class diagnostic and treatment options beyond the standard-of-care
  7. Exploratory diagnostic information

The TPC is developing breakthrough advances in disease understanding using tumour profiling to improve the standard of care for cancer patients.

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